Friday, January 27, 2006

The Sith Lords

The Sith Lords is a sequel of the Xbox game "Knights of the old Republic",
which was rewarded as the "Game of the year" by many magazines couple years ago.
I haven't played KOTOR, but this sequel has proved to be fun.

Its a game about 一念為善,一念為惡。Based on your choice or actions, conversation
to your fellow game characters, you'll decide your path to be a Jedi Master or
to become an evil Sith Lord.

This is a RPG game with actions. And, there are different characters in group that
you can choose to play: Atton, the Han-Solo like Captain, the Jedi Master who
joined the Dark Side, the disciple, the bounty hunter, and even the Droids.

You started as a de-vowed Jedi Knight, and seeked to find out what happen by
travelling to different countries, fight against the Republic army or the Sith
assasins, and of course pick up various FORCE skill as long as a light saber on
your way.

I played this game when I was stuck in San Francisco for the past couple weeks.
I found the storyline is good, and its fun to interact with different characters
in various planets. There were different quest you needed to finish as the story
progressed. There are also bonus quest you can perform or mini-game like poker or
racing you can play.

The story is kinda complex, and I think based on your choice, the story would develop into different courses. I finished the game trying to be a Good Jedi, but
too bad I can't unlock all the secrets or characters. If I have time, maybe I'll
try to embrace the Dark side of the force next time. I think it would be fun.

Overall, a solid game play with nice storyline. This is one game I truely like on
the XBOX.


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