Monday, March 19, 2007

Conan O'Brien

在Youtube找到了,58介Emmy Awards,司儀 Conan O'Brien的開塲節目,由他到emmy的頒獎禮途中,飛機失事流落lost的荒島,之後遇到The office和House,24等的主角,最後還闖入southpark,呀stan的衣櫃之內,好好笑。

剛剛看了southpark season 9 的dvd,老實講我比較喜觀season 8多d,不過仍是出色的佳作。其中Trapped in the closet一集便是傳聞中,Tom Cruise要電視台把這一集take it off the show,因為醜化了他的宗教信仰,scientology。而這一集更得到emmy題名,O'Brien便是以這集作藍本,幽了Tom Cruise一默,真系抵死。


冬冬 said...

Was that Tom Cruise in the closet?? 哈哈哈﹐笑死!!!!! :D

La Villa Ortega said...

Es muy divertido encontrar un blog con tantas letras que uno no conoce...quizas tu tampoco puedas leer las mias...jajajajajaja
abrazos desde Colombia.
Nuestro blog es
alla nos vemos...

Yun said...

OMG! This is hilarious! I didn't watch this year's emmy. Conan O'Brien is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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