Sunday, March 23, 2008



這次在加洲的印第安威爾大師賽中,對著非種子對手,輕鬆進級。八強對賽德國的夏斯又因對手生病,walk-over而進入四強,有晒充份的熱身和準備之下,竟然爆冷輸了給美國排名94的球手費殊(marty fish)。唉,真系替一哥難過。


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Anonymous said...

i think he is done ... he is afraid of losing ... he is playing conservative tennis -- playing more slices on the back-hand side ... he is losing his confidence ... sighhhh ... time is catching up on him and he will never be like the kid couple years ago when he could play aggressive tennis ... he lost the sense of invincibility, moving on the path of going down-hill and he is done ...


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