Friday, October 24, 2008


你話:"吓,唔系你咁無聊連呢套戲都睇左呀嘛? "

咁,我又真系未至到咁無聊。而且,我亦諗唔到乜嘢人會真系買飛入場睇? 就算我係一眾少男殺手如JJ呀、Maggie呀的fans,都唔會咁難為情入場睇套王晶的戲呀嘛? 我想要。鼓。起。勇。氣。入場看這齣電影,應該比看咸片更甚。



剛好上周在新加坡機場買了本書叫Twilight,內容正是以彊屍為題的愛情故事,我想吸引我的,正是new york times bestseller幾個字吧,不過睇落唔錯,可以推薦一下。




聶秀康 said...


zz said...


Xavier said...


zz,果套系shawn of the dead...好爆,有套續集系講兩條友做警察,搵到扲埋比你。

冬冬 said...

twilight電影版呢邊11月上畫﹐我一定會睇~ :)

Xavier said...

我睇完片頭,又好似麻麻... hehe 可能已經不再年青了...

vam said...

twilight is the worst book i ever read in my life
it is so lame...

by the way, vampires are different from

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