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這位旁述竟然話呢場系費達拿今年球季的「轉捩點」,哇、雖然呢場波系你老哥去評述,都唔駛講到差不多系費達拿人生的「轉捩點」咁誇張掛? 而且佢只不過系2:1贏左位一向比佢剋死的洛迪克,唉,真系救命!



上個月Federer先扲左個ATP sportsmanship award添,今次咁攪系咪贈慶?


聶秀康 said...


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肥貓 said...

我擔心費達拿返唔到往日的狀態 *sigh*

pibb said...

不嬲都好憎NOW果班旁述. 一d都唔專業. 聽番英文啦!

dd2 said...

Federer以前都試過好大聲講S**T, 佢衝口而出之後都知失言, 一副細路偷糖食比阿媽當場捉住的表情...(笑)

看live matches (mug波都好), 我都係prefer 外國旁述.

Federer唔需要花絮, 如果佢發泄之後覺得舒服些, fine. 不過losing your calm in the middle of a game is not a good thing for a professional sportsman, Federer都係唔好咁燥火啦! 對身心都唔好架!

qishaya said...

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qishaya said...
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