Monday, January 04, 2010

10 things I learn from Agassi's new book.

1. He is a very good writer, despite dropping out at the age of nine.

2. Agassi is successful and can still dominate the tennis world until 35 because he built a very good team around him.

3. Brook Shield is a bitch. He is doing much better with Steffi now.

4. I don't find the part that Agassi using drugs too disturbing even this is supposed to be the biggest revelation of the book.

5. Even you hate one thing, like your job, you can still perform it at your very best.

6. Quoting Brad Gilbert, Agassi's coach for 8 years, you don't have to be perfect to win, you only need to be better than the guy across the net. Brad has a theory of winning ugly.

7. Practice makes perfect. Agassi is the best returner in the league because of his talent and also hitting millions of tennis ball before he turns pro.

8. Pete Sampras also published an autobiography last year. But, I guess I didn't hear anything about it because it doesn't have the controversy.

9. Agassi is not a rebel as people think. He is quite shy and doesn't like to socialize. He also cares about the people around him.

10. People overlook Agassi's effort to build a school for the under privilege kids in his home town. And, the part he met with Nelson Mandela is also inspiring in the book.


肥貓 said...

近來你update個blog, update得好密,好勤力喎.

睇到你寫有關網球既內容, 可以感受到你對這運動的熱愛, 你是喜歡看還是真的會得閒打下tennis呢?

Xavier said...

Hi FC,

Happy New year 2010.

以前有打,而家就齋睇多d, 不過今個weekend會去維園睇舒拉寶娃呀!! hehe :)


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