Monday, May 31, 2010


男單費達拿率先打入八強,下一盤將會面對Soldering,系上年的決賽的翻板。Soldering 由上年法網突圍而出,而且越打越好,狀態我覺得在拿度及費達拿之後,今年法網最強球手之一,殺入八強都系全部三盤直落擊敗對手,連上盤對斯力Cilic也是輕鬆過關。 斯力曾經在一月打入澳網最後四強, 但對蘇達寧,都系冇得打,佢泥地真系好強。




下盤對賽同胞迪文蒂娃,贏面亦很大。第三圈睇迪文蒂娃對腳受傷,桔下桔下咁行,輸左第一盤,諗住可以熄機唔駛睇啦,點知結果反勝2:1,真系唔道佢可以點樣贏到波。而家仲要贏埋第四圈,打入八強。雖然佢系5號種子,但系佢開波唔掂,贏唔到d easy points,到最後靠體力戰,真系可以贏到幾多場?




肥貓 said...


Cooking Meow said...

(Federer fans!!)

Xavier said...


今年兩個都好勁,希望決賽再見拿度同費達拿啦 。。。

Desertfox said...

Nadal is finally back. I am looking forward to the final between him and Federer (That is if Fed can beat Sörderling)

Sad that Henin lost. Had she not taken the time off, maybe she would still be undefeated in Roland Garros till now.

Really hoped Li Na can go far, but Schiavone is significantly better. She is already in the quarterfinal.

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