Saturday, May 26, 2012

Connected but alone?

Good Ted talk to reflect on the "devices and technologies" that connected us together. Do we really feel satisfied as we are connected? Or, just the feeling of not being alone, makes us happy.

I am intrigued by the argument that we text and twitter, or weibo, even blogging, its a way to project ourself through editing. Right, you can edit and delete and make the best of it before you post.That's how you want to project yourself to the others.

But, in real live conversation, you'll stumble, you'll hesitate, and it may not bring out the best of me, so we would rather retreat and connect through the digital media. But, in the real world, you learn to stumble before you can grow.

A thought provoking video, which make me rethink how I should see all these digitized communication and how they have all affected my life.

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