Thursday, May 31, 2012

Couple guys

It starts with a business meeting in Sydney.

My colleague arranged a breakfast meeting with a partner who was selling this product which just acquired by our company. Its like 8 am, right? which is like 6 am in HK, and that means I've to get up at 5. Lolly lolly lord.

So, obviously we want to learn from them to see how this product works out.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see my colleague was talking to a couple of older guys with white hairs. Actually, only one guy has white hair, the other guy is almost bald. They must be well over their 60s. So, they've been talking about how they start selling this product, how to approach customer, evaluation, and the problem they have ... anyway, I was quite amazed, its like they must be the oldest sales guys I've ever seen.

I think they've this little company and they're don't have a lot of sales or engineers. How, they're still very keen to sell this product solution, despite there's not a whole lot of support.

Well, I just think this is very encouraging. I have nothing but admiration to these folks.

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