Thursday, April 06, 2017

How to succeed in life

    I am taking this online new programming class.
      Learning a new programming language is a challenge.
        If you're in the technical industry,
           This is something you have to do in an on going basis.
    The class is quite interesting 
        Mainly due to the professor is very enthusiastic
           In one of the programming class
               he's sharing how to succeed this class
                  As a matter of fact
                      How to succeed in doing anything

There is a story about a seminar
     Both Warren Buffet and
          Bill Gates are there
              And audience ask them to give one word 
                  to describe their secret of success 
                      Same answer were given by the two men
                          One word

Moral of the stories
     Prioritize: Do the important thing first
         Discipline: Do it everyday
            Focus: Don't be distracted by others


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